Kasamba Psychic Reviews (formerly LivePerson Psychic Reviews)

Kasamba Psychic Reviews (formerly LivePerson Psychic Reviews)
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updated: 2014 Jul 16

Kasamba is unique among psychic services sites in that it only provides the platform for people to get in touch with psychics - it does not do any quality control, and it does not vouch for the positive experience you will have with psychics. It is often called a "psychic chat network," letting you search through a list of psychic readers without being pushed one way or another by the site. Some people prefer it this way, as it establishes an easier relationship with the psychic, while some prefer to have their psychics quality tested and controlled.

Once you find a psychic, you may establish a one-on-one chat session through IM windows. This is nice for people who are shy about showing their face to strangers online, but who still want to talk to a trained psychic. When you get positive affirmation through a chat window, it often feels all the more sincere, because you know that the psychic is the real deal and isn't just trying to scan your face for clues.

How to Find a Psychic on Kasamba

This may sound like quite a free-for-all, but there are certain ways to sort the psychics on Kasamba. You can sort by various qualifications, you can sort by the type of reading you want, e.g. tarot, astrology, medium, past life regression, spirit guide, etc, or you can sort by years of experience. You can also sort by price, which is a good way to find psychics in your range. You can go with someone with many years experience who is likely to charge higher premiums, or you can take your chances with a young, up-and-coming psychic who will charge less for his or her services.

You may also come across famous psychics that you wouldn't have considered on Kasamba! As the number one psychic chat network, many well-known individuals in the new age circuit have accounts with this site. Some include David James, Master Enigma and Mystic Sandra. There are many more - simply log onto Kasamba/LivePerson and make an account to see for yourself.

What To Expect

One of the main positives about Kasamba is that it is user-friendly and designed to welcome newcomers easily into the site. I enjoyed getting my first three minutes free, as it helped to mitigate the cost of a short reading. Do beware that the people who seem to have the best reviews will often charge upwards of $3 per minute.

Keep in mind that just because someone has a lot of good reviews doesn't necessarily mean that they will give the best reading! It is often people who only have a few good reviews who are "hungry" to show that they can help you out. Because Kasamba gives each psychic freer reign, you should definitely use your intuition to find a psychic that is right for you - don't just go by ratings and prices!

No matter what type of reading you get, if you have an account at Kasamba/LivePerson, the software saves your reading so you can go through it afterwards. If it is a tarot reading, you can look over the spread and do some research on your own. If there is an astrology session, you can look up the aspects your reader describes and get another perspective on your reader's words. Best of all, you can save all of your psychic sessions and go back weeks, months or even years later and get a completely different angle on your reader's words.

Finally, don't expect the site to mediate any disputes for you. If you have any monetary disputes with a psychic, you will have to work that out with the psychic. For this reason, we recommend purchasing a short, ten-minute reading before you buy a longer one; this way you can try a number of psychics and stick with your favorite.

Types of Readings Offered at Kasamba

Gosh...what DOESN'T Kasamba offer? You can get business readings, stock market picks, love readings, spirit path readings, personal readings, future readings, past lives readings, clairvoyants, mediums, tarot, astrology...anything and everything is for sale at Kasamba, all delivered through a chat window at an hourly rate.

All in All

Kasamba has gotten a bad rap from some customers because they have had bad experiences with the site. This is a fair treatment, but there are also plenty of customers who absolutely swear by it. It gives more room for each psychic to be himself or herself, which can make it easier to develop a real soul connection with your psychic. You just have to try a few until you find the one that you can go back to again and again.

If you prefer a more regimented form where you can be sure that every psychic has passed a rigorous approval process, you might want to choose a different psychic site. But if you want to check out an incredible diversity of spiritual professionals, Kasamba/Liveperson is definitely the premier psychic chat network on the Internet.