Is my child psychic? How can I tell?

We’ve all had imaginary friends when we were young – but what if your child is in tune with something that is truly extraordinary? 

When the blockbuster film The Sixth Sense came out, it did more than shatter box office records and give popular culture the classic phrase “I see dead people”: it tapped into all of our unnerving questions about true psychic ability and the afterlife. Psychics are born into their roles, chosen with gifts that most of us can never understand. It doesn’t happen overnight, and most psychics will affirm that they began experiencing things as young children that most of their peers did not. 

Many psychics like Sylvia Browne were born with what is known as a caul, a thin amniotic membrane that covers a newborn's head, easily removed immediately after childbirth. This occurs in less than 1 in 80,000 births and has been believed to be a special omen in diverse cultures for many centuries. If your child was born with a caul and experiences psychic phenomena, they may be onto something that you can't perceive! 

When a youngster is witnessing psychic phenomena they will usually be persistent in their convictions, and in their descriptions, of what they are seeing. You know when they are just pretending and using their playful imagination! If your child continually mentions things that make you question their ability to understand them, it may be very beneficial to consult with a psychic. Most renowned psychics freely admit their embarrassment and confusion when dealing with their abilities as children, and many coped by learning to suppress their talents as best as they could. They will also tell you that they eventually accepted and embraced their capabilities because they can't be extinguished. 

If your child feels they may be psychic, or demonstrates uncanny psychic ability, the best thing to do is to get in touch with others who are similarly sensitive. Dismissing or ignoring the phenomena will never make things go away: addressing the issue is what will bring meaningful answers and understanding. If it’s a “childhood phase” it will inevitably end without much ado. But if it persists with your otherwise normal and healthy child, it is very possible that you may have a budding psychic on your hands! Other psychics will intuitively understand what you are going through. Talk to our experts about it firsthand!